Next meeting

The Nairn DSFB met on 1st March 2021 to conduct the Triennial election followed by a meeting of the new Board. 

Minutes of the meeting will be published here in due course.


The Board meeting of 15th February 2021 was 'closed'. The Minutes will not be published here.
14Dec20 Minutes - AQPM APM 2020.pdf
21Sep20 Board Meeting minutes .pdf

2019 :

2Dec19 Minutes AQP meeting.pdf
2Sep19 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf
25Mar19 APM minutes.pdf

2018 :

19Nov18 Annual Meeting of Qualified Proprietors.pdf
26Jun18 Board meeting.pdf
16Apr18 Board meeting.pdf
12Mar18 AGM.pdf

2017 :

20Nov17 Annual meeting of Qualified Proprietors.pdf
17July17 Board meeting.pdf
6Mar17 AGM.pdf