In compliance with Scottish Government directive

angling has resumed on the river Nairn

subject to guidelines

See  "CORONAVIRUS COVID-19"  page for details 



There have been several sightings of diseased fish since angling resumed on the Nairn. 

If you see a diseased fish do not disturb or stress it in any way. Fish can recover and go on to spawn but you reduce their chances of success if you stress them.

You can help by photographing the fish, recording the grid reference of where you saw it and reporting this information by email to: who will forward it to our Nairn collator for reporting to the Fish Health Authority Scotland.

Examples of diseased fish seen recently and reported up to 2nd June are attached below, but be warned they are not a pretty sight!

You can obtain the grid reference you need using the free app "OS Locate".


The Nairn District Salmon Fishery Board is a statutory body, made up of elected River Nairn proprietors,  their mandatories and co-opted representatives.

The Board employs a Bailiff. 

Meetings are held three times a year to discuss salmonid management in the River Nairn catchment and to direct the activities of the Clerk and Bailiff. 

Under the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 2003, the Board is responsible for the protection and management of salmonids in the Nairn and its tributaries. As the Nairn is in the fortunate position of being a healthy river with reasonable fish stocks, the Board focusses on protecting and enhancing the fish stocks. 

The Board funds itself through an annual levy on proprietors.



Alastair Skinner

07874 086777            


Board  members:
John Prince (Chair)
The Earl Cawdor
C.J. Mackintosh Walker
Cllr Liz MacDonald
Cllr Peter Saggers
Paul MacBeth
Gordon Rennie 
David Carson 
Rossie MacRae
Dereck MacKenzie

Clerk to the Board: 
Catriona McNab

Over one year ago (1st February 2019)  the  Nairn District Salmon Fishery Board resumed responsibility for all matters within its statutory remit. 

It ceased to be a member of the Findhorn Nairn & Lossie Fisheries Trust (FNLFT).  

Any business related to Salmonids  within the River Nairn catchment should be addressed to the appropriate person on the Nairn DSFB's Board or its Staff. 
Please see the Contacts page for details.